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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my car scratch if I use waterless car cleaning products?

If you follow the directions of use you will not scratch your car, guaranteed. Evershine is formulated to emulsify or totally surround the dirt and dust particles, slightly lifting them off the surface of your paintwork, prior to wiping over. Clean your car, one panel at a time. Do not scrub to remove items such as bird droppings. Spray Evershine onto the effected area and let it soak into and soften the item before you wipe over. Repeat this step if necessary to totally remove without a scratch.

What amount do you need to apply?

A fine film over each panel is all that is required to obtain the best result. Of course, the dirtier the car the more product is required. Over applying product will not be detrimental to your car. On average 75ml of product is required per wash on a standard size car.

Is it important to use a microfibre cloth?

Using a good quality micro fibre cloth is a key component to the waterless car cleaning process. Dirt and dust particles are trapped in the hollow micro fibres allowing for a scratch free result. Using a cotton cloth or chamois drags the dirt and dust particles across the paintwork of your car with a high possibility of scratching. The higher the quality of micro fibre cloth, the better the result.

How many washes can you get from a 750ml bottle?

On average 10 washes on an average size car per 750ml bottle. The more frequently you wash your car, the less product you will use. Alternatively, the dirtier your car, the more product you will use.

Why is it important to spray one panel at a time?

Spraying one panel at a time, ensures that the product is wiped off before it dries. If the product dries on the panel before it is wiped off, it becomes more difficult to buff to a streak free finish.

My car is coming up with streaks, why is this happening?

There are two reasons why streaking occurs. If the product dries on the car before it is buffed, or if too much product is applied and it is not completely buffed off.

Can I purchase wholesale? (trade prices)

Yes, all Evershine products are available in 20 litre drums. Prices provided on request.

What is the difference between High Performance and Auto Wash & Polish?

There is one clear and simple difference between Auto Wash & Polish and High Performance. High Performance has a high percentage of Carnauba Wax in its formulation.

Do I need to use a micro fibre cloth to clean my wheels?

No, a micro fibre cloth is not required, best to use a cotton cloth or old rag as the brake dust will heavily stain your micro fibre cloths.

How many micro fibre cloths will I use when washing my car?

On average four micro fibre cloths will be used. Two for the initial wipe over and one to buff, keeping one clean cloth for the windows.

Can I reuse my micro fibre cloths?

Evershine’s micro fibre cloths can be washed up to 100 times. The use of fabric softener during washing will reduce the life of your micro fibre cloths.

All products are available in 20 litre containers.

Are you a business?

Contact us for trade prices.

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