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100% Scratch Free & Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash

Evershine® Waterless Autocare want to thank all our wonderful customers for their great feedback. Each response helps us build a stronger brand in the market. After using our product feel free to send us your testimonial by simply clicking on our Contact Us link and submit a response. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Being a professional custom painter I was very sceptical on how a waterless car wash product could clean your vehicle effectively without scratching the paint work, especially on my own car which is black. After much hesitation I gave Evershine a go and I was truly amazed at the results. It not only removed the dirt but also gave an incredible shine that would normally require 3 or 4 products to achieve the same finish.

Stuart Vimpani, Ultimate Airbrush

Award Winning Custom Painter

Our 010 Spectrum has never glistened like this!

Formula Ford Driver

Victoria Australia

Nothing else seems to remove the dirt, oil and rubber with the ease of Evershine. It’s also great on our road cars and trailer as well. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Formula Ford Driver

Victoria Australia

The Evershine product is so easy and no mess! I found washing the car enjoyable. All my friends make comment on how great my car looks.

Craig Dawson

NSW Australia

An amazing product range! The car is now clean and shiny in less than 15 minutes. Even the children love to help. More time to spend on family outings and we’re saving money and water.

William Trainer

Victoria Australia

After using the Evershine products I like what they can do. I have obtained a new car finish using the wash/polish, tyre shine, wheel cleaner and glass cleaner bottle. Before water restrictions I was washing my car weekly. As my Falcon XR6 (1996) has been re-sprayed I am not keen on taking it to the DIY car wash as usually the brushes contain the dirt of the last 4WD expedition, which would scratch the paint. I was that keen to use the products, even the wife’s car got some treatment!’

So overall, I’m very happy with the results.

Onesteel Metaland

Victoria Australia

I have used Evershine products for cleaning both my car and motorbike and found it to be one of the best products that I have used.

Darren O’Connell

Onesteel Metaland, Victoria Australia

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