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Live to Read Magazine Feature

Magazine No. 382

Sitting square in the middle of my desk was a plain black bag with a note saying, ‘Try this’. I peered inside the mystery package to see three large, blue squeeze bottles and a couple of neatly packaged and presented micro towels.

Turns out the bottles contained Aussie made Evershine, some sort of new waterless way of washing your bike it appears. Or was it more than that – was this some sort of subtle hint, a commentary on my slothful approach to my daily motorcycle presentation? I mean, I will admit that ‘The Pig’ (my 2011 Fatty Lo) doesn’t get a wash each single ride although by all rights it should. Here in North Queensland, the road gunge is a special type and can include a mixed paste of mushed mango, flattened Cane toad, oil, bird shit, leaking grey nomad port aloo mung and I suspect even croc shit from transient reptiles moving about the place at night.

First off, you do not need water to bring your scooter up shining like a new penny which I guess if you’re in a drought conscious part of OZ is a big plus.

Second, is that there is a certain procedure to follow to get the best results, so ready the instructions first. A good twenty minutes later, the Pig looked a million bucks. The key to the sexy looking results is the Carnauba wax element along with frugal application with generous buffing with the micro towel. The manufacturer reckons it has the cost down to $3 a wash. A bottle of Evershine Waterless contains around 15 washes I reckon and gets the job done without having to empty an Olympic sized swimming pool of water into the gutter ever time, so big points there.

If you’re looking for the next new thing to keep your machine looking fresh, have a crach at Evershine Waterless. To find out more check out heir website at

Thank you Live to Ride for the write up!

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